Project Introduction

Over the last decade, since the most recent version of the Airport Master Plan was developed for the Warren County Airport/John Lane Field, the aviation industry has undergone many changes. Airport Master Plans are “living documents” and as such, it is now necessary to update the Airport’s Master Plan in order to adapt the long-term vision of this facility to today’s conditions and meet the demands of tomorrow. A successful Master Plan Update will provide a vision for the Warren County Airport/John Lane Field that not only provides a flexible and sustainable path for growth of the airport facilities but allows for the Airport to bring maximum value and economic benefit to the surrounding community and Warren County as a whole.

The Master Plan Update will provide a vision for the Airport in the short, medium, and long-term periods with a planning horizon of 20 years. The scope of work presented herein is focused on completing a holistic review and analysis of both existing and projected aeronautical activity, and strategically developing a planning blueprint for the Airport going forward that accommodates all projected demand.

To comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant assurances, and to ensure eligibility for federal funding of future development, Warren County Airport/John Lane Field (I68) is required to have an updated, and approved, Airport Layout Plan (ALP) on file with the FAA. The best way to develop the future vision for I68, which is then depicted on the ALP, is through a Master Plan Update process. The Master Plan Update will focus on the following key study elements:

  • Inventory of Existing Conditions
  • Forecast of Aviation Demand
  • Facility Requirements
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Land Use Compatibility
  • Implementation/CIP
  • Airport Layout Plan
  • Stakeholder Coordination/Public Involvement

Progress & Schedule

Inventory: Under FAA Review

Early Q1 2022

Demand Projections

Mid Q1 2022

Facility Requirements

Q2 2022

Alternatives Analysis

Q2 2022

Land Use Compatibility Pan

Q3 2022


Q3/Q4 2022

Airport Layout Plan

Share Your Input

The project team invites you to share your comments and views regarding the I68 Master Plan project.

Reports & Documents

As portions of the Master Plan Update Document are finalized and approved, they will be provided below.


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