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December 15, 2022 | 5:00 – 7:00 P.M. ET (CLOSED)
Sweetwater Sound
5501 U.S. 30 West Fort Wayne, IN 46818

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December 15, 2022 | 5:00 – 7:00 P.M. ET (CLOSED)

Project Introduction

The US 30 corridor in Fort Wayne has experienced an increase in vehicle delay and corridor crash rates and has been identified as an area of need for transportation improvements. US 30 is a major connector from Chicago to Fort Wayne and has experienced multiple fatal accidents over the decade. To address the safety and mobility concerns, a proposed grade separated interchange was analyzed at the intersection of US 30 and Kroemer Road. Due to constrained conditions at Kroemer Road, the US 30 and Flaugh Road intersection was also analyzed for a potential location for grade separation. In addition to the interchange analysis further planning efforts for the corridor were recognized and the intersection of US 30 with O’Day Road, Stahlhut Road, and Felger Road/Leesburg Road were analyzed for intersection improvements. Effective alternatives at the identified intersections are expected to alleviate capacity and crash concerns as the city of Fort Wayne continues to develop and grow.  

The purpose of the US 30 Corridor Study is to successfully plan a transportation improvement strategy that best reduces congestion, improves safety, and accommodates future corridor growth at the intersections of US 30 while minimizing impacts to environmentally-sensitive areas and supporting opportunities for economic development.  

Meeting Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this open house is to receive information on the land use and knowledge of the area from the community as well as to share results of the preliminary investigations that have been completed thus far. The information and comments received will be used to further assess the alternatives and select a preferred alternative.  The presented alternatives have been evaluated based on their performance relative to a number of engineering and environmental factors. The study team is seeking comment from the public regarding the analysis as well as information that can benefit future project development.

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Share Your Input

The project team invites you to share your comments and views regarding the US 30 Corridor Study. You can provide input in three ways:

1 Join the Live Session

Join the live virtual meeting (CLOSED) and provide comments during the Q&A segment.

2 Join the In-Person Session

Join the in-person session (CLOSED) and provide comments during the Q&A segment.

3 Complete the Online Comments Form

In the form below, provide any concerns, observations and/or thoughts you have about the study. Your input will be directed to the project team for evaluation and consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the US 30 Corridor Study?
The US 30 Corridor Study is INDOT’s environmental and engineering analysis to determine the alternative that best reduces congestion, improves safety and accommodates future growth at several intersections along US 30 in Allen County.
What intersections are included in the US 30 Corridor Study?
INDOT is studying five intersections along US 30 as part of this project. They include:
• Kroemer Road
• Flaugh Road
• O’Day Road
• Stahlhut Road
• Felger Road/Leesburg Road
What is the purpose and need for the US 30 Corridor Study?
The formal need and purpose for the project will be determined through the NEPA
process, but initial components of the need and purpose utilized for this study will
• Reducing congestion at the intersection of US 30 and Kroemer Road
• Improving safety throughout the roadway network
• Minimizing impacts to environmentally sensitive areas whenever feasible
• Supporting opportunities for economic development by promoting the protection of land access and land use
• Providing flexibility to address future transportation needs and long-term mobility in the region
How many vehicles travel this area each day?
According to 2019 traffic data, more than 27,500 vehicles travel this stretch of US 30 each day, with approximately 25 percent being commercial vehicles. The traffic volume is expected to be nearly 40,000 in design year 2043.
What is the timeline for development?
• Now through late 2021: The NEPA Analysis, which includes preliminary engineering, alternative analysis, utility coordination, title research, environmental survey and topographic survey
• Late 2021: Identify the preferred alternative
• November 2021: Begin right-of-way acquisition
• May 2023: Complete final design
• 2024 to 2025: Construction
What is the anticipated cost for the project?
The estimated construction, right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation costs for the three alternatives range from $35.5 to $40.5 million.

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